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Willis's Elements of Quantity Surveying (ePub eBook) 13th Edition

Willis's Elements of Quantity Surveying (ePub eBook) 13th Edition

eBook by Lee, Sandra

Willis's Elements of Quantity Surveying (ePub eBook)


Publication Date:
23 Jun 2020
13th Edition
336 pages
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Willis's Elements of Quantity Surveying (ePub eBook)


WillisOs Elements of Quantity Surveying has become a standard text in the teaching of building measurement O a core part of the degree curriculum for quantity surveyors. The book will be fully updated to follow the guidance given by RICS NRM 1 & 2. As in previous editions the focus remains a logical approach the detailed measurement of building elements and copious use of examples to guide the student. The text has been fully revised in line with the NRM guidance and includes many new and revised examples illustrating the use of NRM. The hallmarks of previous editions O clarity and practicality O are maintained, while ensuring the book is fully up to date, providing the student of quantity surveying with a first class introduction to the measurement of building elements.


Preface vii Acknowledgements ix Abbreviations xi About the Companion Website xiii 1 Introduction 1 2 Detailed Measurement 5 3 The Use of the RICS New Rules of Measurement (NRM) 11 4 Setting Down Dimensions 21 5 Alternative Systems 41 6 Preliminary Calculations 49 7 General Principles for Taking-Off 57 8 Substructures 73 9 Walls 103 10 Floors 127 11 Roofs 139 12 Internal Finishes 173 13 Windows and Doors 185 14 Reinforced Concrete Structures 207 15 Structural Steelwork 221 16 Plumbing 231 17 Drainage 251 18 External Works 261 19 Preliminaries and Other Priced Bill Sections 273 20 Bill Preparation 279 Appendix: Mathematical Formulae and Applied Mensuration 297 Index 315

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